Imre Vallyon

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Imre Vallyon: Felkészülés az Új Korra
Imre Vallyon: Heavens And Hells Of The Mind
Imre Vallyon: Az elme csendje egy zavaros világban
Imre Vallyon: A spirituális harcos

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You are the Way, the Truth and the Life.

II. kötet 976. oldal

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The Path is essentially the finding of the Truth which is already within yourself.

3. kötet 1306. oldal

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Very few people know what it means to be a true human being on this planet.
Human beings on this planet have become disconnected from their own Inner Realities and the Hidden Mysteries of the Universe around them. Nothing is what it seems.

I. kötet 468. oldal

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A Magician is an active channel of the power of the Cosmic Fire.

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