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Helyna L. Clove: Skylark in the Fog

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Helyna I>!

The moment the first missile crashed into the Skylark, Captain Jeane Blake realized she had gravely underestimated the danger they’d gotten themselves into.

The spaceship jolted, and a series of yellow warning messages flashed up on the screens. On the radar display, the markers showing the Lark and the Union vessel hot on its trail flickered in and out of existence in the interference, and the gravitational anomalies of the lane kept throwing both ships off-course. Their pursuer was gaining on them.

“The generator didn’t like that,” Kliks groaned in the co-pilot seat. His lean form hunched over the console, large black eyes tracking the numbers on the status indicator. “Alignment issue, I think. Can we get out of here now?”

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Helyna I>!

The hit shook the entire ship, and this time, the artificial gravity grid in the walls and the floor couldn’t compensate fast enough. The impact pushed Jeane to the deck, and while she grasped for the edge of the console, a bone-chilling metallic creak reverberated through the hull, making her teeth grind.

She hauled herself up and punched the comms button. “Kliks, come in! Are you okay?”

One of the lamps above released a spray of sparks over her keyboard, and the next second, all the lights blinked out in the cabin. The engines sputtered one last time before they gave up the fight. Silence and darkness fell over the Skylark.

Jeane sank back into her chair, and as the ventilation wound down around her, she took a shaky breath and started counting her heartbeats.

Eight, nine, ten, eleven—then the auxiliary generator rattled to life.

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Helyna I>!

“If only a few connections are busted, we’re still good. We’ll check the generator, jump-start it with a power cell, and if the engines are not entirely dead, it only has to hold until we’re on the vector. Weirdo warped spacetime physics will take care of the rest.”

Kliks switched back to problem-solving mode, too—anything to escape her wrath. “We’re not going to have much time with a cell, considering the Lark’s appetite. Also, what about after? Once we’re out of the lane?”

Jeane waved it away. “Cross that bridge when we get to it.”

“Because if the agent can follow us out…”

“No way.”

“Sure, just like we thought they wouldn’t follow us in.”

Jeane raked her fingers through her hair. “Well, let’s assume they can’t because otherwise we may go ahead and screw ourselves now. Will the cell hold or not?”

“Are you going to feel better if I say yes?”


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Helyna I>!

Princess Maura Tholis closed her eyes as she stood beside the massive throne, her fingers curling around the silvery surface of the backrest. Her light brown locks stuck to her sweaty back, her shoulders sagged, and her temple ached, a pulsing agony echoing the rapid beating of her heart. Where the sleek black material of the glove on her left hand met the skin, waves of scorching heat spread toward her chest, and behind her eyelids, tiny stars were falling from one void to another. She desperately tried to grab ahold of them, but they kept slipping through her grasp, way too swift and ephemeral.

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Helyna I>!

She focused harder. Minutes passed. And slowly, the darkness behind her eyelids lit up. Loss and disconnect rushed her, but she forced herself to remain calm. She needed to go through with this.

Thousands of shining strands, millions of brilliant particles of data, formed a complex spider web of connections against a vast backdrop of information. The view became clearer and clearer until she was standing above it all, looking down as if from the top of a mountain. In spite of the turmoil of emotions, a sense of grandeur and awe filled her. All this power, right at the tip of her fingers.

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