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Gini Koch: Touched by an Alien
Gini Koch: Alien Tango
Gini Koch: Alien in the Family
Gini Koch: Alien Proliferation
Gini Koch: Alien Diplomacy
Gini Koch: Alien vs. Alien
Gini Koch: Alien in the House
Gini Koch: Alien Research
Gini Koch: Alien Collective

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Bryan Thomas Schmidt (szerk.): Predator: Eyes of the Demon

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„[…] I'm sure you all went through my purse while I was out.” I looked up at Martini who contrived to look innocent. „Right. So, you know who I am.”
„Actually, you woke up before I could find your wallet,” Martini admitted. „I don't know how you found that pen; your purse is like a black hole.”

Chapter 2


The car was another gray limo; I decided they must be standard issue. […] Christopher held the door to the back seats open for me, and I climbed in, humming the Men in Black theme song.

Chapter 5

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Men in Black

Martini leaned forward and offered his hand. „Jeff Martini. I plan to marry your daughter.”
Mom laughed as she shook his hand. „Angela Katt. I want the write up your full financial portfolio and family tree.”
Martini grinned. „No worries, have it all ready.” He looked at me. „See? Your mother likes me.”

Chapter 11


Martini continued to use his considerable charm to make me unsure whether I should start picking out china patterns or consider plastic surgery in addition to going into my own version of the witness protection program in order to make sure he’d never be able to track me.


“You come from Planet Hunk, sent to Earth to protect and serve. And make the ladies happy.”