Emily Goodwin


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Emily Goodwin: Dead of Night
Emily Goodwin: Never Say Never
Emily Goodwin: Hot Mess
Emily Goodwin: Twice Burned
Emily Goodwin: Dark of Night
Emily Goodwin: Call of Night
Emily Goodwin: Still of Night
Emily Goodwin: Curse of Night
Emily Goodwin: Queen of Night
Emily Goodwin: One Call Away

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Together with Love

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You can learn a lot from people who are different than you

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„I like seeing you like this ”
„Like what?”
Lisa smiles. „Happy..(..)”

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I know in that very moment he walked into my life at the exact right time.

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„Did you ever find a place that felt like home?”
I slowly shake my head. „Not yet.”

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Not knowing what lies ahead has never bothered me. People like to plan, to be prepared. But you never know what's going to happen. So why bother? I live my life day to day because hoping for anything more becomes an expectations.


She's a typical bookworm and would rather deal with fictional issues than real ones…