Ella Maise


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Ella Maise: Imádlak, Jason Thorn
Ella Maise: Akarlak, Adam Connor
Ella Maise: To Love Jason Thorn
Ella Maise: To Hate Adam Connor
Ella Maise: The Hardest Fall
Ella Maise: Lost Prelude
Ella Maise: Lost Heartbeats
Ella Maise: I'm Yours

Kapcsolódó sorozatok: Alexander & Maya

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K_A_Hikari P

Nem lehet jó író az, aki nem képes beleszeretni a hőseibe, a jókba és a rosszakba egyaránt.

363. oldal

Naiva P

“You have a dimple,” I breathed out, totally lost in that tiny little crevice. It was almost magical.
I closed my mouth and felt the heat rise up to my cheeks. I managed to return his smile with a wobbly one.
“Hey, little one. You must be Dylan’s little sister. I’m Jason.”
“Hi,” I greeted sheepishly as I gave him a small wave.
His smile picked up a notch, and I felt my face flush again. Tucking a loose hair behind my ear, I smiled bigger.
Oh, boy. He was so cute.
I cleared my throat and extended my hand, just like I saw my dad do when he was meeting someone new. “I’m Olive. My friends call me Liv or Oli because they think I have a weird name.”

Naiva P

She was seeing me, and maybe for the first time, I was seeing her too.

Naiva P

“You sure took your time”
“You’ve been waiting on me to kiss you?”
“Ever since I was a little girl.”

K_A_Hikari P

Te akkor is az álmaid rabja vagy, ha éppen nem írsz.

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K_A_Hikari P

Van az a dolog, ami a keblünkben lakik. Az enyém szárnyra kapott és elrepült. A másik pedig, a koponyám lakója, ő csendben cseppfolyóssá vált.

159. oldal


When she looked at me over her shoulder with a smile stretching on her lips…for a moment I thought she looked beautiful.

Naiva P

When you do, it’s going to be epic, and not just your plain old epic, it’ll be out-of-this-world epic.