Dorothy L. Sayers brit

Dorothy Sayers

1893. június 13. (Oxford, Nagy-Britannia) – 1957. december 17. (Witham, Essex, Nagy-Britannia)

Teljes névDorothy Leigh Sayers

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Susan Rowland: From Agatha Christie to Ruth Rendell

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'I wonder,' said the Hon. Freddy Arbuthnot, 'what damn silly fool invented Sunday afternoon.'

3. Mudstains and Bloodstains. 62. o.


There were no kindly words for this—not even a long, scientific, Latin name.
„His throat was cut, Mrs. Weldon.”
(Brutal Saxon monosyllables.)

55. oldal, Chapter V - The Evidence of the Betrothed (Avon, 1968)

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„How do you come to know Pamela Dean?”
„Pamela? A charming girl, isn't she? I obtained an introduction to her through what the great public – seduced by the unfortunate example of that incomparable vulgarisateur, Charles Dickens – abominably calls a mutual friend. I admit that my object in obtaining the introduction was a purely business one; I can only say that I wish all business acquaintances were so agreeable.”

202. oldal

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Y'know it's rather a good idea to keep one's crimes in the family; one has so many more facilities.

2. The Green-Eyed Cat. 37. o.

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Of course, one couldn't think properly in Paris – it was so uncomfortable and the houses were central heated.

6. Mary Quite Contrary. 120. o.

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„One demands a little originality in these days, even from murderers,” said Lady Swaffham. „Like dramatists, you know – so much easier in Shakespeare's time, wasn't it? Always the same girl dressed up as a man, and even that borrowed from Boccaccio or Dante or somebody. I'm sure if I'd been a Shakespeare hero, the very minute I saw a slim-legged young page-boy I'd have said: 'Odsbodikins! There's that girl again!'”

82. oldal