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Cora Reilly: Bound by Honor
Cora Reilly: Bound by Duty
Cora Reilly: Bound by Hatred
Cora Reilly: Bound By Temptation
Cora Reilly: Bound by Vengeance
Cora Reilly: Bound by Love
Cora Reilly: Luca Vitiello
Cora Reilly: Twisted Pride
Cora Reilly: Sweet Temptation
Cora Reilly: Twisted Loyalties

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Tales of Darkness & Sin

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Aria took the phone from me, her blue eyes full of concern. She listened to Lily for a moment before she said, “That’s hard to put into words. Love is when you feel safe in someone’s arms, when he’s the first thing you want to see in the morning, love is surrendering. You risk getting hurt but you don’t care. You are willing to give someone the power to break your heart. Love means seeing someone at their worst and still seeing the good in them, love means someone is perfect for you despite their imperfections.”

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“You are far too beautiful and innocent to be married to someone like me, but I’m too much of a selfish bastard to ever let you go. You are mine. Forever.”

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“When did you kill your first man? Kindergarten?”

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“Lily, I’m a Made Man. Don’t make me into a hero that I’m not. I’m not kind or nice.”
“You are to me,”

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“Love is a risk in our world, and a weakness a Capo can’t afford.”

“I know,” I said even as my throat corded up.

Luca’s eyes shot open, fierce and blazing with emotion. “But I don’t care because loving you is the only pure thing in my life.”

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”(…)It’s your choice to face your fears or to let them rule over you.”

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He was a hunter, and she the prey. The end was inevitable.

Chapter 7

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”It's never too late to change and to make up for your mistakes."

Chapter 14

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”Just because someone isn't alone doesn't mean they aren't lonely," I said quietly.

Chapter 17

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“Okay, I’m taking her to Chicago. But I’m not leaving without her, no matter what Scuderi says. She’s mine.”
“Alright, but I doubt there will be any problems. And believe me, I have no interest in letting Gianna getting hurt by her father. Aria loves her sister, and I want Aria to be happy, so I won’t let Scuderi kill or hurt her. We will bring her back to New York with us, even as your wife if that’s really what you want.”
“You’ll go against Scuderi if he disagrees for some reason.”
“I will. For you and for Aria.”
“Swear it.”
Luca sighed again. “I swear it. You and Aria are going to be the death of me.”

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