August Derleth amerikai

1909. február 24. (Sauk City, Wisconsin) – 1971. július 4. (Sauk City, Wisconsin)

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Teljes névAugust William Derleth

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H. P. Lovecraft – August Derleth: The Watchers Out of Time
H. P. Lovecraft – August Derleth: The Shadow Out Of Time And Other Tales Of Horror
August Derleth: The Trail of Cthulhu

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August Derleth (szerk.): The horror in the museum
August Derleth (szerk.): Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos

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Alfred Hitchcock (szerk.): Hajmeresztő novellák
Alfred Hitchcock (szerk.): A tigris napja
Peter Straub (szerk.): American Fantastic Tales
Otto Penzler (szerk.): The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories

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I had never intended to speak or write again of the Charriere house, once I had fled Providence on that shocking night of discovery-there are memories which every man would seek to suppress, to disbelieve, to wipe out of existence-but I am forced to set down now the narrative of my brief acquaintance with the house on Benefit Street, and my precipitate flight there-from, lest some innocent person be subjected to indignity by the police in an effort to explain the horrible discovery the police have made at last-that same ghastly horror it was my lot to look upon before any other human eye-and what I saw was surely far more terrible than what remained to be seen after all these years, the house having reverted to the city, as I had known it would.