Andy Lanning

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Dan Abnett – Andy Lanning – Paul Pelletier: War of Kings
Keith Giffen – Christos Gage – Dan Abnett – Andy Lanning: Annihilation: Conquest 1.
Javier Grillo-Marxuach – Dan Abnett – Andy Lanning: Annihilation: Conquest 2.
Dan Abnett – Andy Lanning: Guardians of the Galaxy (vol. 2) 1. – Legacy
Dan Abnett – Andy Lanning: Guardians of the Galaxy (vol. 2) 2. – War of Kings 1.
Dan Abnett – Andy Lanning: The Thanos Imperative
Keith Griffin – Dan Abnett – Andy Lanning: Annihilation 1.
Dan Abnett – Andy Lanning – Pablo Raimondi: Realm of Kings
Dan Abnett – Andy Lanning: Nova 6. – Realm of Kings
Dan Abnett – Andy Lanning – Christos N. Gage – C. B. Cebulski – Jay Faerber: War of Kings: Warriors

Kapcsolódó sorozatok: Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy (vol. 2), The Authority, The Transformers, Annihilation: Conquest, Annihilation, Annihilation: The Complete Collection

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Phil Jimenez – J. M. DeMatteis – Joe Kelly: Csodanő – Elveszett Paradicsom
Mark Millar – J. Michael Straczynski: Polgárháború – A háború kezdete
Mark Millar – J. Michael Straczynski – Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa: Polgárháború – A háború vége
Dan Slott – Fred Van Lente: A hihetetlen Pókember – Láng és ész
Geoff Johns – Marv Wolfman – Joe Kelly – Jeph Loeb: Végtelen Krízis
Bill Willingham: Fairest 1. – Wide Awake
Warren Ellis: Planetary – Crossing Worlds
J. Michael Straczynski: Fantastic Four 2. – The Life Fantastic

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Ronan: We received your warning.
Star-Lord: And you chose to ignore it?
Ronan: It is extraordinarily arrogant of you to assume that the kree would need your help to deal with a few skrull. Earth was their principal target. They deployed agents on Hala to prevent us from intervening on the terrans' side. We found them and we executed them.
Star-Lord: And a simple message would have killed you? „Dear Star-Lord, thanks for the warning, but everything's cool, sincerely, Ronan the Accuser”?
Ronan: I don't owe you anything. You let the Phalanx in.
Star-Lord: Oh yeah, bring that up.

Guardians of the Galaxy (vol. 2) #8

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Fang: „Join the Imperial Guard”, my old pop said. „See the Cosmos.” "Travel to exotic planets." „Hang out with pirate scumbags--”
Hussar: Fang? Do you ever shut your mouth?

Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #2

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Nova: You said it was like a haunting?
Cosmo: Forms of energy Cosmo never seen before, even out here at rip. Scanners could make no sense of it.
Nova: That checks with what I saw when I first got here. Serious Linda Blair freakiness.
Cosmo: Hnh. „Exorcist.” Good movie. Cosmo had to hide behind sofa.

Nova #9

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Rocket: „Ass-kickers of the Fantastic”?
Star-lord: NO!
Rocket: How about „Rocket Raccoon and his human hangers-on”?
Drax: How about „Drax and his 'coonskin hat”? That grab you?
Adam: LISTEN! I would appreciate it if the team could stay a little more focused on the matter at hand.
Gamora: „Team”? Ugh. All we need now is a secret handshake and a clubhouse.
Star-lord: Everyone, do as Adam says! Shut up and move with a purpose! We have to………. Nnfff… form a team, protect the universe, gotta say, Pete ol'boy… not one of your best ideas.
Star-lord: Man, I step outside for two minutes and things snowball.
Star-lord: I could really use a gun.
Quasar: This do?
Star-lord: Not my usual brand. Where'd all these extra loonies come from?
Rocket: I'm gonna say Ebay?
Star-lord: How did you hear about Ebay? And where's Adam?
Rocket: He blasted on ahead with the Green 'n' Means. And why wouldn't I know about Ebay? Where you think I got my collector's edition of beaches?