Andrew C. Rouse

Könyvei 14

Andrew C. Rouse: The British Pub
Andrew C. Rouse: Tales from Watchet
Andrew C. Rouse: The English Village
Andrew C. Rouse: Small Ads
Andrew C. Rouse: Irish Folk Tales (Bluebird Reader's Academy)
Andrew C. Rouse: My Christmases
Andrew C. Rouse: Mr Codie of Scotland Yard
Andrew C. Rouse: The Ride of Johnny Ringo (Bluebird Reader's Academy)
Andrew C. Rouse – Audrey V. Rouse: Eating Around Britain
Andrew C. Rouse: The Owl Who Sang

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Móra Ferenc: A cinege cipője
Veronika Marék: Boribon the Teddy Bear
Éva Janikovszky: Be Glad It's a Girl!
Éva Janikovszky: Just Who Does This Child Take After?
Éva Janikovszky: Nursery School, Here I Come!
Éva Janikovszky: Something's Always Happening to Me
Éva Janikovszky: The Great Rain
Éva Janikovszky: Be Glad It's a Boy
Éva Janikovszky: At School at Last
Veronika Marék: The Ugly Little Girl

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They [the folk tales] explained simply and in an entertaining way things which the ordinary people could not understand: why a healthy animal suddenly died; the formation of the geography around them; unusual meteorogical conditions; good years and bad years in farming and fishing; a murder; the birth of twins.

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