Amo Jones


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Amo Jones: The Silver Swan
Amo Jones: The Broken Puppet
Amo Jones: Tacet a Mortuis
Amo Jones: Manik
Amo Jones: Malum 1.
Amo Jones: One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars
Amo Jones: Flip Trick
Amo Jones: Razing Grace – Part One
Amo Jones: Crowned by Hate
Amo Jones: In Peace Lies Havoc

Kapcsolódó sorozatok: The Elite King's Club, Crowned, The Elite Seven, Midnight Mayhem, The Devil's Own, Westbeach, Elite Kings Club

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Love, Loyalty & Mayhem

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Naiva P

There’s just something magical about a library. It’s like a portal to many different worlds.


“let’s just do the alcohol diet.” (…)
“And what’s that diet?”(…)
“Well, we get so drunk that we no longer care about our weight.”


Brantley is everything your parents told you to run from (…). He’s not just bad, he’s evil. You can see it in his eyes, how they look through people.

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Brantley Vitiosis
Everglow P

Oh, don’t be shy, little sis. I don’t bite…” He grins. “Hard.”

genevieve P

Hello, Madison. You may not know us, but we know you. We want to play a game. Here`s what happens if you lose…

genevieve P

Look at me. – I shake my head.
I sort of don't want to.
Why? – he whispers again, and I know in his tone that he's being honest.
Because why, Madison?
Because you steal some of my soul every time you do that thing with your eyes.

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Bishop Vincent Hayes · Madison Montgomery

How many times in one lifetime do they say you find a soulmate? Is it once? Twice? Three times? (…) The quote scribbled on a rusty piece of paper read: You find three types of love in your lifetime. The first will show you all that you did wrong. The second will show you how you should be loved, but the third one will show you what it feels like to die while still being alive.