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Teljes névAdrian Czajkowski

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Könyvei 15

Adrian Tchaikovsky: Children of Time
Adrian Tchaikovsky: Empire in Black and Gold
Adrian Tchaikovsky: The Tiger and the Wolf
Adrian Tchaikovsky: Dragonfly Falling
Adrian Tchaikovsky: Blood of the Mantis
Adrian Tchaikovsky: Guns of the Dawn
Adrian Tchaikovsky: Salute the Dark
Adrian Tchaikovsky: The Scarab Path
Adrian Tchaikovsky: Spiderlight
Adrian Tchaikovsky: The Sea Watch

Kapcsolódó sorozatok: Shadows of the Apt

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Ian Whates (szerk.): Legendák

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Fumax KU

A majmok használata teljesen értelemszerű, természetes első lépésnek tűnt egy új intelligens faj kitenyésztéséhez. Mindenki szerint elég közel álltak az emberiséghez ahhoz, hogy megértsék egymást, mégis elég távol attól, hogy önállóan fejlődhessenek, pontosan ezzel váltak a kísérlet méltó alanyaivá. De miért nem nézhetett a szemükbe?
Most már látja őket. Belenézhet a szemükbe.
Mind a nyolcba.

Noro MP

What is it like to be you? A question nobody can step far enough out of their own frame of reference to answer.

7.1 War Footing

Dubovszki_Martin P

That is the problem with ignorance. You can never truly know the extent of what you are ignorant about.

Noro MP

‘Ah, but it is an interesting thing, that these things can so seldom be proved. If I were to perform some piece of, hrmf, magic for you, here in this room, you would claim a thousand ways it could have been done. Indeed, those ways might be exceedingly unlikely, but you would cling to them rather than accept the, mmn, the chance that magic, the eternal inexplicable, might be the true agent, and if you were strong enough in yourself, unafraid, unthreatened, here in your own chambers, well perhaps there would be no magic worked at all. It is a subjective force, you see, whereas the physical laws of the artificers are objective. A gear-train will turn without faith, but magic may not. And so, when your people demand, mmn, proof, there is none, but when you have forgotten and dismissed it, then magic creeps back into the gaps where you do not look for it.’

Chapter 18

Noro MP

God has apologized.
God has explained that She has previously misunderstood some key elements of the situation, but has now gained a clearer understanding of how things are.
God invites questions.

Noro MP

It was a club. In that sense, it was a quintessentially human thing: a tool to crush, to break, to lever apart in the prototypical way that humanity met the universe head-on.
And how do they meet the world? What does the spider have as its basic tool?
Briefly he entertained the thought, They build.

7.9 Last Stand

Noro MP

‘This ritual is to attack the Vekken army in ways that the material and mundane defences of this city are incapable of. Precisely what effect we can manifest I am unsure but, as I have taught you, the power of magic stems from darkness, fear, uncertainty, ill luck. All those gaps between the lighted parts of the world.’
‘All things that can’t be tested,’ said the fidgeting Beetle youth. ‘That can’t be proved.’

Chapter 31

Dubovszki_Martin P

How did we ever get so far with so many fools in the gene pool?

Noro MP

‘I can’t believe in magic. There is always an explanation, always.’
‘And if magic is the explanation?’

Chapter Thirty-two