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1961. december 18. (Washington, DC, USA) –

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A. M. Homes: The End of Alice
A. M. Homes: May We Be Forgiven
A. M. Homes: This Book Will Save Your Life
A. M. Homes: In a Country of Mothers
A. M. Homes: The Safety of Objects
A. M. Homes: The Mistress's Daughter
A. M. Homes: Music for Torching
A. M. Homes: Things You Should Know

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David Leavitt – Mark Mitchell (szerk.): The Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories
Zadie Smith (szerk.): The Book of Other People

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Shirley Jackson: The Lottery

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I had no desire to be beautiful or good. Somehow, I suspect because it did not come naturally, I longed to be bad.

The I of It

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A security guard, who could have passed for a twelve-year-old dressed up for Halloween, walked by Frank. He smiled at the girls and rested his hands on the heavy leather equipment belt around his waist. The girls blushed. Frank imagined the boys took turns playing cop. When they got to the mall they flipped for it and then the winner (or was it the loser?) changed into the uniform. Frank noticed the guard had a gun, a real gun, and wondered why a twelve-year-old in a Halloween costume was carrying a real gun.

The Bullet Catcher

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He’d run from our house not wanting to take anything, not wanting to hold anything that had been touched by the magic of the living dead.

Esther in the Night

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She passed a homeless man camped out in a small park. „Would you like a pizza?” Jody asked, holding out the box.
„Is it poison?”
„No, I ate some. It's just not very good, too chewy.” Jody lifted the top so the man could see.
„Has it got tomato sauce on it? That looks like tomato.”
„Yeah, well, it's a pizza.”
„I can't take the tomato,” the man said. „Doesn't agree with my stomach. I like the other kind though. What do they call it – white pizza. You got any of that?”
Jody shrugged. „Sorry.”
„Well, I guess you could go on and leave it on the bench. I'm expecting company later, maybe they'll want some.”
Jody put down the pizza and walked away.
„Next time,” he called after her, „get the other kind. It's healthier.”

52. oldal

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I could pretend to be okay, but that’s part of the problem.

Yours Truly

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I’m hiding in the closet with my life suspended. I’m hiding and I’m scared to death. I want to come clean, to see myself clearly, in detail, like a hallucination, a deathbed vision, a Kodacolor photograph. I need to know if I’m alive or dead.
I’m hiding in the linen closet and I want to introduce myself to myself. I need to like what I see. If I am really as horrible as I feel, I will spontaneously combust, leaving a small heap of ashes that can be picked up with the DustBuster. I will explode myself in a flash of fire, leaving a letter of most profuse apology.

Yours Truly

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He left me at the table with burgers and fries, and I thought more about how many of his fries I could steal than whether or not I was ever going home again. I had no reason to leave; I was at McDonald’s with two burgers, large fries, and a shake. I didn’t know what crazy was. I didn’t know that sometimes you can’t tell the difference between a real crazy and a regular person and that’s what makes them crazy in the first place.

Looking for Johnny

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“Have you ever been held captive in the dark cavern of someone’s body?”
I shook my head. It sounded wonderful.

A Real Doll


I’d tell him there was no one there. He’d poke me with the gun and ask what about the light, the Mötley Crüe poster on the door, and why was the radio on. “Don’t play games with me, lady,” he’d say.

Esther in the Night

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